Industrial & Commercial Insulation and Fireproofing Services
Signet Contracting, Inc.


Signet Contracting, Inc. is a full service industrial insulation and fireproofing contractor. We travel throughout the southeast on projects up to $1,000,000.00.

Our staff of experienced insulators, applicators, and mechanics are trained and certified within their respective trades as required to ensure safety on the jobsite and quality services are provided to our customers

Signet Contracting, Inc, provides many services and is constantly researching and contributing to the latest technologies, our typical types of projects include the following:


    Tanks & vessels    Process equipment, piping & ductwork
    Ovens, furnaces & boilers         HVAC systems
     Ultra-high temperature equipment   Ceiling & wall insulation for retrofitting
    Refrigeration systems   Industrial buildings
    Spray-on urethane foam   Spray-on ceramic coatings

Fireproofing                                    Heat Tracing

    Spray applied fire resistive materials    Cementuous fireproofing
    Intumescent coatings       Board Fireproofing
    Rapid temperature rise - UL 1709     

Weather Resistant Coatings                        USDA Coatings              

  Fiberglass Reinforces Plastic Coating (FRP)    Food grade wall & ceiling coatings
  Mastic & elastomeric coatings   Thermal Coatings

Asbestos Services

SCI Remediation, Inc., our sister company, provides environmental services such as asbestos abatement, inspections, assessments and compliance reviews. For additional information call (423) 825-5299 or email